So much happening!

Well, I’m so close to being 27 weeks (I’ll update again on Friday) that I’m not going to do a survey today, sorry! But as I said I’ll do a 27 week update on Friday.
So weeks 25 and 26 have been something else. I went home on the 14th for my birthday and baby shower (thanks again everyone! I have such amazing friends and family!) which I will do a seperate post on the baby shower probably on Friday as well, I just need to remember to bring my flash drive to work with me so I can upload all the pictures. It was such a great time to be able to spend with my family, and for my birthday we went down to a Pumpkin Patch/Corn Maze in Logootee with my Niece and Nephew and it was so much fun. They got to go on pony rides, mine for rocks, there were slides, a “pumpkin train”, goats, turkeys, chickens, pigs. Everyone had a good time, and we got to take a hay ride out to pick out our pumpkins, Devon and Jacob were having a blast.
While I was at home thought I got some horrible news, Brad called me on Friday to let me know that a good friend and co-worker of ours was killed in a rock climbing accident while he was on vacation in Thailand. Talk about a shock, he had only just turned 26 the week before the accident so it was pretty hard to swallow. So I flew back in on Thursday night and then on Friday morning we were on our way to Texas for his memorial service. What a rough weekend, but his family and friends down there are so amazing and welcomed all of us down there with open arms. We got back in town Sunday night and I was so happy to be home, so was Ella. She was going nuts the whole trip back, kicking up a storm. I can feel her most of the time now, even when I’m up walking around she’ll give a few good kicks when she feels like it.
While I was at home in Bloomington I got my first stranger comment, it was so cute! I was in the bathroom at Kohl’s washing my hands when two little girls came in to use the restroom. The older of the 2 went straight into a stall but the younger one, she couldn’t have been much older then 5 stood in the doorway of a stall doing the potty dance and when I walked by she waved and said hi, so I said hi back. She then goes “Good luck with your baby!” and as soon as I said thanks she runs into the stall and shuts the door. It was adorable, after that first comment I had waitresses touching my belly, people asking when I was due, this little girl opened the flood gates, haha. It was so fun.
Anyway, I’ll post the belly pics that I took yesterday and then I’ll post again on Friday for 27 weeks and then sometime in the very near future about the baby shower!
Side view:

View from the front:
And a view from the top:
To Lonestar!

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