So here are the 2 pictures that we got at our u/s on Monday, the first one is a profile picture and it looks like she’s giving us a thumbs up or is already flipping us off:

And then the second one is another profile picture where she looks like a little Alien:
Creepy, the black hole is her eye socket and then she has her arm sticking out in front of her again, our little alien.
BTW, does anyone know of any elective 3d u/s places in Bloomington or even of anyone that will do a 2d u/s electively? I’d like to be able to bring my mom and Shelly to an u/s and get another confirmation of gender and google gives me NOTHING!
Well, I’m headed home now to make sure I have everything packed and then headed to Denver to fly out, woo hoo! See everyone tonight, tomorrow, or this weekend!

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