Holy Moly!

I was not prepared for what I heard at the Dr.’s office yesterday. We got there and I had my blood draw for the glucose test. Not bad, they always have trouble finding veins but they always manage to find one. Anita the nurse is keeping her fingers crossed for me that I pass the one hour so she doesn’t have to try to draw blood four times since I’m hard enough to get one draw from. Haha. The drink wasn’t bad, it tasted like really sweet Hawaiian Punch, really sweet. I got a bit of a sugar high which sucked later in the day when I was exhausted but I didn’t get sick like some people do; I’m hoping that’s a good sign.
Then it was time to hop up on the scale and holy moly I was shocked! I am up 17 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight! I don’t know where it all goes because I don’t think I look any bigger except for my belly. I had no clue I was up that much! Once I got over that initial shock (and yes it was a shock) I had the midwife appointment, heartbeat 152 BPM, fundal height measuring 27 weeks! What?! I’m only 24 weeks! Maybe that explains some of this huge weight gain is the fact that she is now measuring 3 weeks ahead. But I did get all of my questions about closer to birthing answered and the midwives support me in my choice for a natural birth.  No inductions, no epidurals, no episiotimies, etc. I want an alert, non drugged baby and with plenty of support I think that I’m perfectly capable of achieving that goal for natural birth. I understand that some things do arise which can totally throw that off, but I know that the midwives support my choice, now I just need to get Brad to back me 100%, he thinks I’m nuts right now. =) Anyway, then we go to the u/s and the Dr says that I have “plenty of fluid” so this might be another reason for the weight gain is because I have “plenty” of amniotic fluid. Crazy, we did get a better picture of her face with her little hand out in front of it, but of course I left them at home and didn’t think to take a picture last night I’ll try to post one tomorrow. But then of course our little one decided to be stuubborn and wouldn’t let them confirm the gender, but that’s kind of good because now we get another u/s at our 28 week appointment. She was sleeping, all the moving that she did RIGHT AFTER the glucose drink wore her out. So all in all it was a crazy appointment with a lot of “What did you just say”‘s from me.


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