Yay!. . . . . .and flu shots.

So, my excitement is because I got rid of my hours for Friday at Safeway, so I am officially DONE! What a load off of my shoulders. I couldn’t even fathom going back another day, I was upset when they scheduled me and then even more upset when I found out that 2 of the girls whose husbands have VERY recently lost their jobs only got 15 & 25 hours respectively and they’re supposed to be full time! That store is insane, so I was able to help one of them out by giving her 5 more hours this week.
And now tonight I am going to get my “seasonal” flu shot. I called the midwives and they reccomend it and that also want me to get the H1N1 shot when it’s available in the injection instead of just the nasal spray. I called the pharmacy at Safeway and they have plenty of the preservative free flu shot in stock so that I’m not getting pumped full of mercury. Now I’m just keeping MY fingers crossed and seeing if you all could keep YOUR fingers crossed that it doesn’t make me sick. I figure I’d rather get sick with the fake flu and know I’m not contagious then be stuck on a plane with sick people and be sick while I’m home. So wish me luck that I don’t get sick! =)


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