Really?! (A vent!)

They need to invent a pill that you give a years supply of to women during pregnancy. This pill you would give 1 to every person  that you come into contact with later in the pregnancy to prevent verbal diarrhea on their part. Last night we stopped by the store to grab some milk and a couple things for lunch, within 5 minutes I had 2 different WOMEN that I work with there (and see every week!) make some asinine comment about my size. First I get asked if I’m having twins! Seriously, I’ve worked with you every week so far of this pregnancy, don’t you think I would have mentioned a little blessing such as a SECOND BABY in there?! And then not 5 minutes later another lady (who also obviously has no tact) goes “OMG Rachel. you’re huge! If you keep gorwing you’ll be as big as a house!” Really?! No, I have only gained 8 lbs, my size medium maternity shirts still swim on me, and I’m sorry that I haven’t gained a ton of weight everywhere else but I am ALL belly, that does NOT by any means make me “huge”! I am in fact more then half way through a pregnancy and have a human being growing  in there you idiots! I was so angry when I got home that I was ready to just not finish out my 2 weeks and never go back there again, it was so frustrating how ridiculous some people are. And all this came just 2 days after a girl I work with at the resort and hadn’t seen since I became pregnant told me how amazing I look for being almost 6 months pregnant! Thank you!
Sorry, I just had to get that out, why do people ever think it’s appropriate to make size comments let alone to a pregnant woman?!
Vent Over.


One thought on “Really?! (A vent!)

  1. I feel you! People have NO FILTER when it comes to pregnant ladies. I had a customer today say "so you've gained A TON of weight with this baby!" and I said no, I haven't really. And she proceeded to tell me "well you certainly look GIGANTIC"….I know how you feel!

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