Brads first kick!

This’ll just be a quick post but I had to write it down. For the last couple weeks we have been trying to get Brad to be able to feel a kick, it wasn’t working. She would either stop kicking immediately when he put his hand on the belly or would move farther away from his hand (pretty funny actually). Then Monday night we went out to a movie and she was going nuts the whole time. We got home and laid down for bed and she was still kicking like crazy. So I had Brad slide his hand right under mine and she stopped, boo. I then felt a little kick and asked him if he had felt that, of course he hadn’t, I barely felt it. About the time he got the word no out of his mouth she kicked the crap out of his hand. He jumped back so fast while screaming “Woah!” I immediately started cracking up because it was not the reaction I had pictured happening in my mind and then he follows up with “That is the weirdest thing I have ever felt in my life.” I kept laughing for about 20 more minutes, every time I’d think I was done I cuold just see his hand flying away from my stomach and would proceed to crack up some more. Just had to share.


One thought on “Brads first kick!

  1. Tell Brad he isn't alone. My fiance had to wait until I was 29 (!!!) weeks for Aidan to kick his hand! And his reaction the first time he felt him was pretty much identical! 😛

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