Wow!. . . . .that is all.

Wow! That’s still about all I can say. I’m still just amazed that we’re having a little girl! I woke up at about 3:30 this morning and could not go back to bed, my mind is just spinning 100 miles per minute!
So yesterday morning we got up early and started heading over the mountain. JUST as we are getting onto I-70 my phone rings and of course it is the doctors office, the doctor was called into an emergency c-section and they have to push our appointment to that afternoon, sorry. AGH!!! I was so sad, and then we had to call our moms and let them know that it would be WAY later. But we made the most of it, we went ahead down to Denver and ran the errands that we were going to after the appointments so now all we had to do was wait for the appointments and then go register.
We make it up to Evergreen at about 1 and decided to drive around for a little bit as our appointment wasn’t until 1:30. If any of you have ever been to Evergreen you know that there is not much to do AT ALL so at about 1:10 we said screw it and went to the office. Well, we stood outside the office door until 1:25 because they are closed for lunch until 1:30 and the brilliant receptionist (oh yes, her) was talking on the phone the whole time we were standing out there and didn’t notice us. So first was the midwife appointment, pretty uneventful. Uterus is measuring where it should, heart beat was in the 140’s (lowest ever, I SO thought boy!), and she gave us some info to pre-register with the hospital and a packet on the classes they offer (you have to take classes to have a baby?!) =) So by the time we were done with that it was only about 10 till 2 and our appointment with the doctor wasn’t until 2:15. So we prepared to wait, but as we were leaving the room the Nurse (who is wonderful) exclaimed, “Well, he isn’t doing anything, why wait?!” so she ushered us into the u/s room and went to grab him. He was so nice and so much more personable than the other OB in the practice (of course the other one is the one I’ve been seeing for 4 years!)
He introduced himself and we got started, he wanted us to know that he would be looking at the gender and did we want to know, well yes of course we did. He started off doing his measurements and she is so perfect, measuring right on track. They’re keeping our EDD at January 31st so it’s been moved back from the 26th. She has long legs as they measured about 5 days ahead, we’re gonna have a tall one! She was moving all over the place and she is facing my back so he kept apologizing that he could get any face or profile shots for us (more to come on that later) and then he went in to see what we were having. He looked around down there for a while and said “Well, I think it’s a girl. I don’t see anything down there but I’ll look a little more in a minute.” You think?! He goes all over the body again pointing out the diaphram, the 4 chambers of the heart, the brain, her stomach, that we have a 3 starnd cord (Just what they’re looking for), etc. He then went back and got a clear shot of the genitals and there really was nothing there. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I was shocked! SHOCKED! He was positive after that. As we were leaving Brad asked if it was safe to tell people and the Dr. said “Oh yeah, you’ve got a girl.” So we walk out of the room, I can’t stop smiling and the nurse wants to know what we’re having, I was so excited to say it out loud!
As we were laving we had to make an appointment for my 1 hour glucose screen at 24 weeks on October 12th (and the wonderful receptionist gave me horror stories about that!) and set up another u/s. The doctor felt so bad that he couldn’t give us better pictures to take with us that he wants to do a quick u/s after my glucose test so that we can have pictures of her! I really like this doctor.
Here is a picture of her gorgeous long legs!

And the best facial picture he would get (assuming this is why he wants to give us another u/s for better photos)

I think that’s all. Haha, we then went and registered (Brad did an awesome job with the scanner guns) =) had dinner and came home. So, I’ll try the photos again soon and otherwise I’ll update on Thursday!


One thought on “Wow!. . . . .that is all.

  1. Wow! I can't believe you're having a little girl. I totally thought you would though. For some reason your having a girl, makes me think that Dan and I will be having a boy. Those thoughts were always tied in my head. Huh! Guess we'll see! Glad to see it's all going well.

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