Yesterdays appointment

So, yesterday we went to our midwife appointment and things are great. We got to hear the heart beat again and it was in the 160’s. It’s so nice to be able to hear it every couple weeks for that reassurance. Blood pressure was good, up a lot more from last visit but still in the normal range at 120/70. I found out that I can ocassionally have my eggs over easy as she feels that the heat from cooking the eggs will kill anything that could be worrysome. Brad is trying to keep me with over medium at the most though, boo to that. But I was happy to find out I didn’t have to eat scrambled eggs for the next 6 months!
My next appointment is scheduled for August 24th to have my blood draw for Neural Tube Defects as well as my 1 Hour Glucose test (does this not seem like, at least 6 weeks early to anyone else?!) and then we’ll make an appointment then for about 3 weeks out for our BIG gender u/s. So hopefully around the 14th or 15th of September!


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