Nursery Purchase!

So, we bought our first decorative item for the nursery at the Art Fair yesterday. We bought a light catcher to hang in the window as it gets sun all day. We love the company that we bought from and actually bought our first decorative home purchase from them last year in the form of our Bear Shadow Box.

So of course as soon as we got home I put it in the window to see how it would look when we hang it:

And then here is a little closer up view:
The metal in the middle is treated so it’s a rusty color as well as the scrolls on top (you can see these in the first picture) to hang it by. And then of course there is the white stained glass in the background and the frame is Aspen.
I loved it and just had to share. =)
We have a doctors appointment tomorrow, general, but I’ll update with any news.


One thought on “Nursery Purchase!

  1. I was showing Jacob your blog and we clicked on the picture from your wedding so he was talking about that day and he goes, "I think Rachel found the perfect guy for her."

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