NT Scan Photos

So, although we won’t get the NT Scan and Blood Test official results until next week some time I can tell you how today went.
We got to the hospital and had an hour to kill so we asked if we could tour Labor & Delivery, they sent us right up and the nurses are extremely friendly. We got to tour a birthing sweet and were informed that there is no limit to the number of people they will allow in there with you, if I want you there, you’re in. Haha The rooms are nice, wood floors, a Jacuzzi tub in each room and everything you need for the delivery. In case something were to go wrong the NICU is on the same floor so they can have a NICU doctor there while you’re delivering. After touring L&D we got to tour the recovery floor. The rooms are about half the size of the birthing suites but still a decent size. We found out that the baby never has to go to the nursery at night unless you want it to, you can keep him or her with you 24 hours if you want. And that general recovery time is 1-2 days for a vaginal birth and 3-4 days for a c-section but it all really depends on how you’re doing. The lactation nurses are on the same floor as recovery and we got to meet one of them today and she seemed very nice as well. Everyone we worked with was extremely friendly.
Then we headed over to the next building for our appointment. We registered and waited for a minute only to be told that the u/s portion of the visit would be taking place at Labor & Delivery, where we had just been. So we headed back over that direction and after just a short wait got in for the u/s. Our little one popped up on the screen right away and has an extremely strong heart beat at 171 beats per minute. The baby measured at 12 weeks 4 days and looked good. The Nuchal Fold measurement was 1.7 and anything under 4 is considered normal. During the u/s it seems the baby had the hiccups as every couple seconds it would bounce straight up. It was so cute but I kind of got scolded for laughing so hard as it was interfering with the measurments. We got a good 10 minutes of being able to just watch the baby while she took the measurements. Then the doctor came in and explained how the results worked. After we went and took blood it would take about a week to get our “odds” back. My odds just by age alone are 1:500 for downs syndrome and about the same for Trisomy 13 & 18. But my measurements looks good so it should be better odds then that even.
The we headed to the office where we registered to get my blood drawn. They had to take the blood out of my hand as I guess I have small veins in my arms. It didn’t hurt at the time but now my hadn is pretty sore. Sorry if this is TMI but at first the needle was in but the blood wasn’t flowing and the nurse thought she was going to have to use a syringe to draw the blood. She asked me to hold the needle (that yes was still in my hand) while she got up to get the syringe and as soon as I had a hold of the needle it finally started flowing. So I guess I kind of drew my own blood. =) Then it was the weirdest thing. She put a little stopper in the vial and just kind of made 8 or 9 dabs on this card and then threw the rest away. Straight into the bio-hazard bin. Weird but I guess that’s all they needed were the few little dabs before it clotted. I’m not feeling as woozy as last time they drew blood, just the sore hand, but they didn’t take nearly as much this time.
And that is about it for the day, I will let everyone know as soon as I get my numbers back hopefully early next week.
And now for the pictures. Not the best quality but it’s a picture of a picture. I’ll try to scan them at work on Wednesday and if they turn out better I’ll swap them out.
But for now:

Here is the full profile. Head on the right, legs on the left. The white line across the bottom is the spine.
Here is a close up of the facial profile with the little hand up by the face. I love that it looks like a baby now instead of the blob. Haha.
Here is a kind of blurry photo of the profile with the HB measurment next to it. A Very healthy 171 BPM.
And last but certainly not least: =)The creepy Alien looking 3D photo. =) That’s our little curled up baby right in the middle.
I’ll update again on Thursday for the weekly update. Until then THANK YOU everyone for your prayers.

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