Blood Test Results

So, I just got back from meeting with the midwife and everything looks good. Iron levels, thyroid, blood pressure was all good. I’m not a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis and my blood type was O+ so I have the correct antibodies that my body will not attack the baby. I tested negative for the gammit of STD tests they run on you. So I’m clean, good bill of health.
Brad didn’t come to this appointment since we thought it would just be blood test results but I got to hear the heartbeat. It’s still the most amazing sound I have ever heard and it’s measuring right on track in the mid 160’s.
It’s great that the midwives come up to Granby so I can do most of my appointments there instead of driving down to Evergreen. So I go back on the 28th after only 3 weeks so that I don’t have to wait 7 weeks till they’re up here in August nor do I have to drive to Evergreen. And by the 28th they should have all the results in from the first tri testing on the 20th.
On Thursday I’ll post an 11 week belly pic, thought I’d give myself the full week to grow before I posted another one. Haha.


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