Here we go. . . . . . .

So I’m pretty sure everyone knows by now that Brad and I are expecting. I’m going to try to keep this updated if only for the simple fact that this will save me from answering the same question a million times and keep all of you up to date at the same time.
Our due date as of right now is 1/26/10 so I get to take a break right in the middle of the ski season. Yay! We have been to 2 appointments so far. The first was on June 16th at 8 weeks 0 Days and we had an ultrasound then for dating purposes.

So here is the first picture of our little Blob.
Our second appointment was Monday June 29th and we did get to hear the heartbeat at that appointment which was amazing, and then I proceeded to be poked and prodded to death. I guess I have a lot of that to look forward to.

On July 20th we have an appointment for my “First Trimester Screening”. They will do an ultrasound where they will measure the folds and the fluid behind the neck and under the nose to test for Downs Syndrome and Trisomy 18. This will be accompanied by more blood tests (Woo Hoo!) but hopefully we’ll walk out of there with some reassurance and a couple more pictures of him/her. So any prayers would be much appreciated for the next couple weeks.

People have been asking to see my tummy; (thankfully) there isn’t much of one yet which is funny since my pants do not want to fit that well anymore. So I’ll add in one that I took this morning at work.
As for morning sickness (or all day sickness really) it has not been too bad except for the fact that it does last ALL day long. And nausea for even a little bit is too much let alone every time you eat, don’t eat, look at food, smell food. I guess I can’t really complain because as I said, it’s just nausea. The exhaustion that stinks. I wake up, I’m ready for a nap, I get to work, is it nap time yet?, lunch time=nap time, and then when we get home I’m ready for a nap. Hopefully this will wear off soon as I’m ready for my energy so I can do some fun summer activities.
I’ll try to keep this updated weekly. I’ll be home from the 9th-15th so hopefully I’ll see some of you then.

One thought on “Here we go. . . . . . .

  1. Hi, Rachel. Nice pictures. That pink is a good color on you!Almost finished with the green blanket. I unraveled some as I accidentally knitted a couple of stitches together, and I don't like to do that. I have one little frog (at the bottom) done and am starting on a large dragonfly. Time consuming! See you on Thursday!Love.Mom

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